It’s a little overwhelming…

Life can sometimes feel like a series of “when are you” questions, “when are you going to get engaged, get married, have a baby, have another baby” and then finally “ohh your not having anymore are you?”

So if your looking at this page you are probably in between “ohh your engaged, have you set a date” and “so have you, set a date, organised a photographer, florist, venue, picked a bridal party and of course enlisted the aid of celebrant”.

Weddings are not dis-similar to having a baby in fairness, everyone has an opinion they feel they should share or some helpful “advice” on what you should, could or must do.  And just like when preparing for a baby, when preparing for a wedding you need to worry only about two people’s opinions yours and your partners, because at the end of the day, its YOUR day!

Yes mum and dad might be chipping in for this or that and maybe Aunt Susan has paid for the photographer, but they are doing this as a gift because they love you (hopefully) not so they can blackmail you into introducing their ideas into your day!  Its okay to say “thanks for the idea but we have our hearts set on ….”.  This day will be a significant chapter in your love journey, shared with the people you love most and captured no doubt by 100+ pictures so let it be your vision, your dream.

But on the other side its important to keep it in perspective, its not worth losing friends or going bankrupt over either.  At all the weddings I have had the honour of attending the thing that everyone sees is the LOVE, not the table decorations or the smoke machine on the dance floor.  Seeing the moment when the couple see each other at the service, that split second when the reality of ‘forever’ takes place followed by the affirmation of their pure love as they join together, is nothing short of magical for those lucky enough to share it with them.

So remember sure its overwhelming and sometimes its daunting and frustrating but if you share the joy of planning for a wedding with those around you, stick with your vision and remembers its your love story, I have no doubt it will be your happily ever after.


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